whocan help me with debugging our frontend code?

Whocan helps to find people with certain skills in your team or community. It keeps track of who is good at what and connects experts to those who need them.

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How it Works? 


Start a seach

Send Whocan a message and tell it who you are looking for. E.g. "Whocan help me with making powerpoint slides beautiful".

Whocan also reacts to public messages asking for an experts and offers to help bring the right experts into the discussion.

Ask whocan
Whocan starts looking for people

Whocan finds the right expert

Whocan starts looking for people within your team or community that can help. It does so based on a map of everyone's skills and asking experts in similar fields for referrals.


And connects you

After Whocan found an expert, it connects you and leaves you to it. Mission accomplished.

After some time, it will ask for your feedback in order to improve over time.

Whocan connects you with an expert

Try for free

Whocan is currently in a free beta. Pay us by providing feedback and letting us know how we can improve.


  • What platforms is Whocan available for? 

    Whocan is currently available for Slack and Discord. Need it on another platform? We'd love to talk.

  • How does Whocan find experts?

    Whocan keeps track of who is good at what in your team or community. This skill graph is based on skills that members enter and based on feedback that is provided via interactions with Whocan. In case Whocan cannot find an expert based on this skill graph, it will ask other members for referrals.

  • What is the price of Whocan?

    Whocan is currently in public beta and free to use.

  • Does Whocan have access to all data in our Slack/Discord community?

    No. Whocan has access to messages of channels it is part of as well as private message sent to it.

  • How can I give feedback?

    Wohoo - feedback. Click here or reach out to feedback@whocanbot.com

  • How can I get in touch?

    You can reach us via howdy@whocanbot.com